What is the Procedure for Obtaining Certified Photocopies Of Answer Scripts From ICMAI?

The CMA or cost management accountant exam is a professional service exam and a well-acknowledged one in India. The ICMAI, aka the Institute of Cost Management Accountant of India, usually controls the exam affairs and releases all the necessary notifications as well. They have a dedicated website with the help of which you can get access to most of the information. Be it the exam guidelines, syllabus, mock questions – it is your one-stop solution for all the necessary materials. Besides, when it comes to obtaining the certified photocopies of your answer scripts, it can also be done via the official ICMAI website.

Procedure for Obtaining Certified Photocopies Of Answer Scripts From ICMAI

The Process To Get Hold Of Certified Photocopies

There is not much awareness about how to get hold of the copies primarily, as people generally do not claim for it. However, you do have an option to ask for the copies in case you want to check on your mistakes or are doubtful about the results.

Step 1: The first step is quite easy as you just have to visit the official website of ICMAI from any of the search engines. Once you open the website, there will be a student portal, and you need to click on it to move further.

Step 2: In the Student portal, there will be quite a few options along with the option of ‘Examination’. Click on that. It usually has all the exam-related requirements that students might have. Once you tap on the examination option, there will be a tab reading, “procedure for obtaining certified photocopies of answer sheets”, on the left side of the page. 

Step 3: Clicking on the option, will redirect you to a verification page wherein you would need to enter your details like the Roll number, Intended course paper and so on. It is the juncture where you will also get details like the last date for requisition as well as the fees that you need to pay for the application. The applicants must be sure enough that they do not apply multiple times as that could lead to rejection of the application. 

Step 4: Once you have applied for the photocopies and filled in your details, you will have the ” pay now” option. To confirm your application, you would need to pay the stipulated amount. It could be done through debit or credit card as well as the pertinent NetBanking options. Once you have done the payment, the application will be processed successfully. It will be portrayed in the tab in due course, you will access the evaluated answer scripts.

Some might wonder why you at all need the evaluated answer scripts. However, the point is CMA is a professional exam, and hence the competition is extremely high. Hence, if you have the evaluated scripts, you will be able to understand better which are the sectors that need improvement. You could also be better exposed to the evaluation criteria. 

We hope, this piece of information was helpful to you. For more such information and updates, stay tuned to CMA Nation. 

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