Time Management Tips for Studying CMA Exam

CMA exam is one of the most well-acclaimed and respected professional exams in the nation. But preparation for the same is not that easy as it might seem. The most stringent foundation for CMA is managing time efficiently. Numerous students aspire for the same and yet get confused as to how many hours to study for the CMA exam.  Most will know that time is money and hence studying smart along with hard is very important to clear the exam. We all know that the syllabus is quite humongous, and hence you have to manage the time efficiently so that better results can be expected. 

Time Management Tips for Studying CMA Exam

Best Tips to Manage Time Better

  1. Set up a study schedule: After you have registered for the exam, the board most often releases the dates and syllabus. Make a note as to how much time you are getting for preparation. As this is a professional exam, the students often can choose the number of exams they want to appear for. Hence you must set up a schedule where you demarcate the time you want to devote to each paper. Try to give more time to your weaker subjects as they need detailed study. 
  1. Don’t underestimate paper solving: The question papers of previous years are c. Not only do they give you a fair idea, but you could also learn how much time to spare. Take up a question paper and solve it following the clock. If you see that the time is not enough and you can’t complete the paper, increase your pace. It is usually one of the best ways to keep your calm.
  1. Take out time for hobbies as well: Managing time well does not mean only studying for exams. If you keep on studying, there will soon be a time when you will get demotivated. In such a situation you must take out time for your hobbies as well.
  1. Keep Distractions at Bay: Distractions are the major culprit behind the mismanagement of time. You’ll find hundreds of reasons to call off your study for the day – hanging out with friends, dining out, watching a sports match, cooking, surfing social media, etc., the list can go on endlessly. Well, you need to build a strong determination and give your complete dedication when you sit to study. Turn down any distractions and learn to say ‘NO’. 
  1. Find A Dedicated study space: Environment matters a lot! Find a tranquil place away from the earshot of the family members to focus better on your study. The calmer the surroundings are the better you can stay focus. Also, try to make your study space free from any distractions or interruptions. 
  1. Take Time in the Wee Hours: Since CMA is a professional exam, some people apply for it even though they are working. In such cases, it is important to devise a CMA study plan for working professionals.  One needs to understand what the working hours are and how one can incorporate studying into that routine. In such scenarios, try to incorporate a couple of hours of study in the early morning so that you can concentrate better.  

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