Most Common Mistakes While Preparing For CMA Exams

It is common in the given situation of the pandemic that students have a lot of bubbling doubts. What accounts more is that it is one of the most prestigious exams conducted in the nation and hence the tension boils up more. The CMA online exam guidelines were released by the ICMAI recently, which settled that the exams will be conducted in an online mode due to the nationwide emergency. However, students often make a lot of mistakes during the preparation, which costs them dearly. It is also common to have a gripping fear because of the ultimate competition. However, the CMA exam pattern is well set, and there is scarce need for any tensions at all.

Most Common Mistakes While Preparing For CMA Exams

What Are the Top Mistakes That Students Make?

The career choice as a CMA is gaining immense popularity nowadays, particularly if you have an interest in finances and cost accounting. However, the rate of successful students has not seen any sharp curve, and that’s what a matter of fix. We at CMA Nation work as a team and help you avoid these pertinent mistakes. Over the years, some of the most common mistakes that we have seen students make are:

  • Putting in an unnecessary effort by making notes: 

Making proper notes not only requires time but immense dedication as well. Hence instead of dedicating all your time and effort to this, try to spend more time studying. When you sign up with CMA Nation, that is one worry you can bid adieu. Our experts put in a lot of time and create the best possible notes for your effortless studies. 

  • Too much rote learning: 

Take this as a golden rule – too much rote learning is not going to take you anywhere. It is one aspect where most students fail to draw a line. The basis of rote learning is not understanding the topic and hence mugging up. The problem arises when you forget one of the points. Most questions in the CMA exam are set up to examine the understanding of the concepts. Hence it is essential that instead of mugging up, you go for a clear concept.

  • Not giving any attention to the previous year’s question papers: 

Solving the question papers of past years not only helps you get familiar with the CMA exam pattern, but also instills a sense of confidence. You will be able to analyze how you can manage time better and use it efficiently. The classes with CMA Nation are set up as such that we have dedicated classes for solving question papers as well as taking mock exams. These are instrumental and help our students to have a better CMA exam preparation.

CMA is a very prestigious career choice and probably one of the most acclaimed ones when it comes to finances, and smart study is the key. You have to make a routine for yourself which is sustainable to practice and not set up unrealistic goals.

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