Courses To Do With CMA Practical Training

Along with the exams, appearing for the CMA practical training is also very important as it prepares you for the job world. However, there are various other courses that you can do hand in hand with the practical training of CMA. Since the duration of the training is three years, enrolling in the additional certifications/courses will add more weightage to your curriculum vitae. Confused about what programs to opt for? This article highlights the four best finance certificate courses you can pursue along with practical training.

Courses To Do With CMA Practical Training

Best Courses That Go Well with CMA Practical Training

When you pursue a career in CMA, it is only natural for you to take up an additional course that is related somewhat to the same field. Here we have tried to list down some of the certifications, which might work as the best combination with CMA: 

  1. Financial Risk Manager (FRM): If you’re looking for a career in finance, this is probably a very good choice. True to the name, the prime requirement for you is to manage the risks a firm generally encounters. Not only that, you need to study the global markets and assess if there are any noticeable changes in the same. 
  1. Financial Modeling: It’s a more technical course, which involves making a detailed analysis of the incomes and expenditures of a company are. No matter how simple it might sound, you must know the little details involved. That only comes when you gain practical knowledge and get exposure to certified financial modelling. When teamed up with CMA, it is a great combination.
  1. Certified Financial Planner (CFP): Pursuing this course will open up more avenues for you, and hence can be an option to pursue alongside CMA practical training. It trains you professionally so that you can function as an expert certified financial planner. Your role would be to assist companies and prepare blueprints for them concerning company finances. It might sound overlapping, but in reality, the career choice is quite vivid and gives you a mentionable exposure. The certification is accorded by the Financial Planning Standards Board.
  1. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA): This program comes with similar weightage to a post-graduation course and is usually transferred by the CFA institute based in America. It is particularly aimed to develop careers in investment and hence a good choice.

Is It a Good Idea to Pursue Another Course with the CMA Practical Training?

There is no doubt that it could be a little bit tough to manage both courses together. However, pursuing a related course give your resume a better hand and helps you work better as a professional. The number of job options also increase quite a bit.

If you too want to pursue another course with CMA it is best that you weigh in the consequences and then make an informed decision. Also remember that CMA Nations stands with all the students, who decide to jump out of their comfort zone and work hard to achieve their dreams. 

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