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Looking for CMA final syllabus 2021? We have got you covered at CMA Nation. If you are an aspiring student for CMA final examination, you must be aware the syllabus includes 8 subjects, and each subject is further segregated into sub-sections. You can also download CMA final syllabus 2021 pdf from the official website of ICMAI. However, we have here provided a fair idea of the syllabus dedicated to the final examination

CMA Final Syllabus

CMA Final Syllabus 2021: Group 3 and Group 4 Subject-Wise Syllabus & Weightage

When you strategize the study plan for the final examination, it’s crucial to go through the sectional weightage. A well-strategized study plan with weightage is integral to pass you through the exam. Mentioned below is subject and topic-wise weightage.

CMA Final Group 3

Paper 13: Corporate Laws & Compliance (CLC)

Sectional weightage  Subtopics
Section A: Companies Act (60%)The Companies Act 23 (50%)

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (10%)
Section B: Other Corporate Laws (25%)  EBI Laws and Regulation

The Competition Act, 2002, its role in Corporate Governance

Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999

Laws related to Banking Sector

Laws related to Insurance Sector
Section C: Corporate Governance (15%)Corporate Governance

Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilities of Business

Paper 14: Strategic Financial Management (SFM)

Sectional weightage  Subtopics
Section A: Investment Decisions (25%)Investment Decisions, Project Planning and Control

Evaluation of Risky proposal for Investment decisions

Leasing Decisions  
Section B: Financial Markets and Institutions (20%)  Institutions in Financial Markets

Instruments in Financial Markets

Capital MarketsCommodity Exchange
Section C: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (25%)Security Analysis & Portfolio Management  
Section D: Financial Risk Management (30%)  Financial Risks & Management

Financial Derivatives –Instruments for Risk Management

Financial Risk Management in International Operations

Paper 15: Strategic Cost Management: Decision Making (SCMD) 

Sectional weightage  Subtopics
Section A: Cost Management (20%)  Cost Management  
Section B: Strategic Cost Management Tools (50%)  Decision-Making Techniques

Standard Costing in Profit Planning

Standard Costing in Profit Planning

Cost of Quality and Total Quality Management
Section C: Strategic Cost Management: Its Applications (30%)  Application of Operation Research as well as Statistical Tools in Strategic Decision Making.  
Section D: Financial Risk Management  Financial Risks & Management

Financial Derivatives –Instruments for Risk Management

Financial Risk Management in International Operations

Paper 16: Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation (DIT)

Sectional weightage  Subtopics
Section A: Advanced Direct Tax Laws (50%)  Assessment of income and Computation of tax liability

Tax Management, Return and Assessment Procedure

Grievance Redressal

Penalties and Prosecutions

Business Restructuring

Different aspects of Tax Planning

CBDT & Other Authorities

E-commerce Transaction and liability in special cases

Income Computation and Disclosure Standards (ICDS)

Black Money Act, 2015
Section B: International Taxation (30%)  Double Taxation and Avoidance Agreements
Transfer Pricing
Section C: Case Study Analysis (20%)  _

CMA Final Group 4

Paper17: Corporate Financial Reporting (CFR)

Sectional weightage  Subtopics
Section A: GAAP and Accounting Standards (20%)Accounting Standards  
Section B: Accounting of Business Combinations and their Restructuring (20%)  Accounting of Business Combinations & Restructuring (Ind AS)
Section C: Consolidated Financial Statements (20%)  Group Financial Statements (Ind AS)  
Section D: Developments in Financial Reporting 25%   Recent Trends in Financial Reporting

Valuation, Accounting and Reporting of Financial Instruments

Share-based payments

Reporting through XBRL (Extended Business Reporting Language)
Section E: Government Accounting in India 15%  Government Accounting Procedure and Standards  

Paper 18: Indirect Tax Laws and Practice (ITP)

Sectional Weightage  Subtopics
Section A: Advanced Indirect Tax as well as Practice (80%)  Goods and Services Tax Act & Rules –(50%)

Customs Law (20%)

Foreign Trade Policy (10%)
Section B: Tax Practice and Procedures (20%)  Case Study Analysis  

Paper 19: Cost and Management Audit (CMAD)

Sectional weightage  Subtopics
Section A: Cost Audit (35%)  Nature, Scope, utility and Advantages of Cost Audit

Companies (Cost Records & Audit) Rules, 2014

Professional Ethics, Misconduct, Offences and Penalties

Cost Accounting Standards

Cost Auditing and Assurance Standards

Format of Cost Audit Report – XBRL  
Section B: Management Audit (15%)  Management Reporting issues under Cost Audit

Management Audit – Meaning, Nature, Scope etc.

Energy Audit, Efficiency Audit, Propriety and System Audit

Evaluation of Corporate Image – Corporate Development Audit

Impact of environmental pollution 
Section C: Internal Audit, Operational Audit and the related issues 25%  Concept of Internal Audit

Provisions of Internal Audit under Companies Act, 2013

Audit Planning, Audit Programme, Audit working paper

Receivables Audit, Audit of Services and Local Bodies  
Section D: Case Study on Performance Analysis (25%) _

Paper 20: Strategic Performance Management and Business Valuation (SPBV)

Sectional weightage  Subtopics
Section A: Strategic Performance Management (50%)   Conceptual Framework of Performance Management

Performance Evaluation & Improvement Tools

Economic efficiency of the firm

Enterprise Risk Management
Section B: Business Valuation 50%  Business Evaluation Basics

Valuation in Mergers and Acquisitions

Fair Value in Accounting Measurement

Valuation of Intangibles  

So, this was all you need to know about the CMA syllabus 2021 for the final examination. Besides the syllabus, you can also get access to previous years’ CMA final question papers from the official website of ICMAI. 

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