CMA Exam Pass Rate Analysis

Most of us who have at least a basic idea of what CMA or The Cost Management Accountant exam is, would know that it is a little difficult to pass. The passing rate is quite low in comparison to the number of people who appear for the exams every year. Along with that, a very remarkable feature is that many students keep on trying unless and until they succeed, hence, the number keeps on shooting up every year. It is not only the difficulty of the exam but also the intricacies that make it quite difficult to crack. Hence, having a detailed inside as to how the passing rate is beneficial for you and also help you to have mental preparation as a student.

CMA Exam Pass Rate Analysis

Analysis Of The Recent Years

It is always advised that whenever you want to have an idea of the passing rate, check on the recent ones. As you would know, the exam syllabus keeps getting modified with changes in policies, and hence the syllabus also gets extended and sometimes shortened as well. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you put these considerations into the mind and then go for the analysis. 

According to the census of the December 2019 exam, for the foundation course, the number of appearing candidates was 13,377. Out of them, 10,615 passed the exam, which is quite impressive with a passing percentage of 79.35%.

It was seen that around 18,351 students appeared for the intermediate group I exam. However, among so many students, only 3762 of them managed to pass successfully. If calculated precisely, the passing rate would come somewhere around 20.5%, which is not very impressive, looking at the number of students who appeared for the exam. Now coming to group II, it was seen that a total of 7535 students appeared for the exam. Among those 2402 passed the same, which portrays that the passing percentage was a whopping 31.88%. One thing that is immensely clear from this calculation is that the passing percentage for group two is high compared to group 1. 

Finally, let’s come to the results that were portrayed in the genre of final exams. This one, like the discussed sections, is held in two groups as well. In group 1, around 5476 students had appeared for the exam. On careful study,, it was found that only 609 passed the exam. The sheer indication that not even a thousand students passed the exam shows that the rate of success gets more difficult in the final stage. The passing percentage stuck at only 11.12%. Shocking right?

When compared to group 2, the number of students who appeared in the exam was 2827. Around 871 students passed the exam, which makes the passing percentage shoot up to 30.81%.

If you study the patterns properly, one very pertinent thing is how the number of students who passed the group 1 exam is really low. However, when it comes to the group 2 exam, the numbers seem to shoot high. If you are appearing for the exam for the first time, and feel the need for guidance from the experts, make sure to turn your ways at CMA Nation. Our advanced course and teaching techniques help the students understand the concept in a better way.

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