Advantages Of Writing Both Groups in One Go For CMA Inter And Final

If there is one uniform doubt that most CMA aspirants face regularly, it’s deciding whether it would be right to appear for both groups in one go. Whether it is the CMA final exam or the intermediate one, most students will get a choice whether they want to appear for both groups at the same time or want to segregate. Both the groups indeed include a plethora of papers, and it may get a little bit difficult for you to manage everything well. However, if you ask the experts, they’ll probably encourage you to appear for both the groups in one go. 

Advantages Of Writing Both Groups in One Go For CMA Inter And Final

Why does appearing for both groups put you in a more advantageous position?

Contrary to the popular belief of appearing for one group, be it for the CMA Intermediate Exam or even the finals, it is always favourable that you appear for both of them at the same time. Why so? First, let us break down the passing criteria for each group:

  1. While appearing for a single group, you must pass each paper with a minimum of forty percent marks.
  2. You have to obtain a minimum aggregate of fifty percent in all the papers.  

However, if you appear for both the groups, the passing criteria shifts to:

  1. The examinee can meet the bare minimum to clear each group.
  2. It is also considered a pass result if you obtain forty percent marks in each paper, or fifty percent marks as an aggregate in all the papers of both the groups.

If you analyze both the criteria, you’ll see that for a student who has prepared well in advance, the best choice would be to opt-in for both the groups at one go. 

In a hypothetical situation, if you had appeared for both groups, and achieved forty percent in each paper for group one, and sixty percent in each paper of group two, without any doubt, you would have cleared the exams, whether it is the intermediate or final level. 

However, supposedly if you had appeared only for group one and failed to secure an aggregate of fifty percent on an overall basis, you would have failed. 

Along with these, some of the more full-proof reasons as to why you should appear for both the groups in one go include:

●    No Attempts Go Wasted: Every year, the exam takes place twice. If you clear both the papers in one go, you can directly qualify for the next level of exams in another six months. It ensures that you do not end up wasting any attempt and use your time more tactfully.

●    You Save Money: As many times as you apply for the exam, you have to pay a registration fee. Hence, by applying for both groups at one go, you can effectively save yourself quite a bit of money.

●    A Good Chance That You will Achieve Exemption: This is a great CMA exam tip. If you achieve a minimum of sixty percent on any of the papers that you appear for, you get an exemption which means that you do not need to appear for the same in the next attempt.

According to us, if you are a non-working professional and have more time at hand, you appear for both the groups together. CMA Nation even has specialised coaching classes which succeed to train our students with the best resources.

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